Brennan's Journey

The support Brennan has received is overwhelming and incredibly humbling. There is a growing number of people who are asking us how they can help Brennan through his journey and our main focus and priority continues to be prayer for Brennan, his overall health and for the doctors. But so many people are wanting to help even more. For those that feel led to help Brennan financially, a "donate" button is now available. It is linked directly to a special account for Brennan and his long road ahead. Any amount is greatly appreciated. I wish there were words to express our gratitude for all of the support and prayers B is receiving. Thank you to all and God Bless.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Thomas the Train

It's been 3 weeks since having Faith and I'm feeling GREAT! Thank you everyone for your prayers! It has been a MUCH BETTER recovery this time around. I am still trying to take it easy and not do too much, dr.'s orders. I can't wait until the 6 week mark where I am able to get back to my usual things I haven't been able to do: cleaning, walks around the neighborhood with the jogging stroller, exercising and most importantly picking up my dear Brennan!!! He's been doing great with Faith. He points to her and says "baby sister." Today, she was crying and Brennan got her paci and tried to give it to her... so cute!
Here are a few picts I love!

Going on our first (slowwww) walk around our street

First car ride together!

Love this pict!

She's a daddy's girl for sure!
Just like her ultrasounds... loves her hand by her face

My BIG boy...

This weekend we went to Fillmore for the "Day out with Thomas" train ride. Brennan is WAYYY into trains and we knew he would love it. It was a 20 minute train ride with lots of fun things to do afterward. Here are some picts of the day:
Proudly wearing his Thomas the Train shirt (it's really a pj top... but who can really tell?)

Thomas was the front car of the train...

Joel and B in line ready to ride!
First time on a train!

Coloring a picture while waiting for the train to start

I hung out with Faith during the ride... it was Daddy and B bonding time :)

Pictures during the ride...

Playing with train sets...

This was Faith the whole morning... Gee... I forgot how much they sleep :)

Checking out the motorized train set!

Last picture... my favorite... sibling love!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Faith Leeann Givens

Our little Faith arrived March 30 at 7:49am from a repeat c-section. Let's just say that this c-section recovery has been 100x better than the last. It has gone sooo smoothly so far. The surgery went great and after about 1 1/2 hours in recovery I was able to hold my little princess. Joel and I got to spend some time alone with Faith before we had our eager awaiting family members join us. We were in the hospital from Mon - Th and enjoyed the company of friends and family visiting. Brennan came to visit for the first time on Tuesday. As he walked in the room I began to cry. He just seemed like a big kid, walking around and playing with all the hospital gadgets in the room. My little baby boy is now such a big boy. The adjustment for him as gone great so far. He walks up to her and says "baby" and goes back to play with his toys. I haven't been as hands on with him due to the surgery recovery, but he doesn't seem bothered by it. I don't think reality has quite set in for him yet. I can't wait to be able to take care of both of them, but I am enjoying the help of family members and friends while I recover :) I am so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers from everyone. Our little Faith is just perfect. Yes... she is the talk of the town due to her beautiful dark locks. It comes from Joel's side. I expected a bald head and was pleasantly surprised when the dr. held up a georgeous little sweetheart with so much hair. I just hope she keeps her hair and it doesn't fall out. It is fun to put ribbons and bows in it! She also owns more jewelry and shoes than I do. Little girls are so much fun and I can't wait for the journey ahead of us!

People have asked where we got her middle name. Here is the story of how we chose it. My middle name is Ann. My mom's middle name is Ann also. My mom's mom (my grandma), her name was Ann. My other grandma on my dad's side was Lee, which is my sister Jennifer's middle name. Joel's mom's middle name is Lee as well. Hopefully you have followed along :) We decided to put the two together and use Leeann as her middle name.

It was very hard picking out pictures out of the hundreds we took. Here are a few of them. Enjoy!