Brennan's Journey

The support Brennan has received is overwhelming and incredibly humbling. There is a growing number of people who are asking us how they can help Brennan through his journey and our main focus and priority continues to be prayer for Brennan, his overall health and for the doctors. But so many people are wanting to help even more. For those that feel led to help Brennan financially, a "donate" button is now available. It is linked directly to a special account for Brennan and his long road ahead. Any amount is greatly appreciated. I wish there were words to express our gratitude for all of the support and prayers B is receiving. Thank you to all and God Bless.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Crazy Hair

B and Aunty Jen on Crazy Hair Day at Vacation Bible School

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Beach Day

Joel worked today so I took the kiddos to the beach and met up with Joel's sister, Beth, and her two kids. It was lots of fun and B loves hanging out with his cousins Jess and Gunnar.

OuR DadDy!

HaPpy FaTherS Day DadDy! Love, B & Pnut

May 10, 2007

March 30, 2009

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Happiest Place

I just had an absolutely wonderful day today. I took my kiddos to the happiest place on earth! We have season passes and have been going quite a bit. Our block out dates are most of June, all July and most August. So, sadly this was our last time going for a while. B and Faith do so great there. B has his favorite rides: Rocket Ships, Buzz (or as B calls it..."shoot the monsters"), Dumbo or in B's words again, "riding the elephants", and Pirates which he loves to sing the song during the ride, "yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me..." He cracks me up! . Faith does great in my sling which makes it easy to carry her around, good thing she is so little! Here are my 2 attempts to get a photo of us three with my cell phone.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Random Cell Phone Pictures

More cell phone pictures (since I never have my camera with me)
Things we have been doing lately...

B got to ride in the front of an old fire truck. He loved it. They let him ring the bell as they drove around.

Big Boy underwear!!! Working on potty training. Not going so well. It's a lot harder then I thought. B starts preschool in August and needs to be potty trained by's a slow work in progress.

Our Pnut enjoying our backyard

Our park near our house

First time in braids... I still can't believe she has so much hair, I love it!

B and mommy on his favorite ride in Toon Town at Disneyland

Autopia at Disneyland

Waiting for mommy and B on Dumbo

Loves smoothies

Front yard sprinkler fun

more park pictures!.... working on the big boy swing

homemade smoothies

Balboa Lake park, one of our favorites

Daddy and Pnut working on her walking...almost there

Golden Spoon... another favorite. He could live off of smoothies and frozen yogurt...hmmm, sounds like me :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

9 Years!

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life!


(June 2, 2001)

(9 years later)
Looking forward to many more adventures together!