Brennan's Journey

The support Brennan has received is overwhelming and incredibly humbling. There is a growing number of people who are asking us how they can help Brennan through his journey and our main focus and priority continues to be prayer for Brennan, his overall health and for the doctors. But so many people are wanting to help even more. For those that feel led to help Brennan financially, a "donate" button is now available. It is linked directly to a special account for Brennan and his long road ahead. Any amount is greatly appreciated. I wish there were words to express our gratitude for all of the support and prayers B is receiving. Thank you to all and God Bless.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Surgery Buddies!

Brennan's best buddy, Chris, is scheduled for the same Medpor ear reconstructive surgery 2 days after Brennan!!! This is great news because this means they can go through the whole recovery process together! They will be able to go to their numerous post-op appointments and be able to learn how to take care of their new ears together! Not only is this great for Brennan and Chris, it's also such a blessing to have Chris' parents, Susan and CJ, to go through this journey with.
Brennan's ear reconstructive surgery is scheduled on October 12 at Cedars Hospital and Chris' surgery is scheduled on October 14 at CHLA... by the same doctor!!! Chris has to get cleared by his heart doctor and gain some more weight in order to be able to have the surgery done in October. Please keep this little guy in your prayers. Pray that Chris can gain the weight needed and that his heart doctor gives the ok.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

December fun

A few things we have been doing this week...

Decorating the Christmas tree

Brennan wanting to taste the apple ornament

Trying to taste the pickle ornament

Adding ornaments with mommy

Kisses from my little Santa

B and Daddy

Another picture of my two favorite boys

Making a gingerbread house

Enjoying the candy!

being so very careful with it :)

Our sweet little P-nut

PJ's on and ready to go driving around town looking at Christmas lights

Time at Knotts

Poor Faith wasn't feeling well, having a hard time with teething

B loved this ride and giggled the whole time

The caboose on the train

Hangin in the stroller

B loved the "slide" on the ride

We all had a blast at Knotts.
A few more work days for Joel then it's off to Arizona for Christmas...
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

On the calendar

May 27 and October 12... Two VERY important dates in 2010. As of now, these are the surgery dates for Brennan.

May 27: Atresia Repair- creating an ear canal and ear drum (to help with hearing and sound localization).

October 12: Medpor Ear Reconstruction- the surgical attachment of a plastic porous material and use of a skin graft to create an ear.

We are excited to get this process started but at the same time terrified to put our little guy through these very serious surgeries. We are at peace that God has planned this for Brennan even before he was born and rest in the fact that our Lord God will be watching over Brennan through everything. We are confindent we are making the best decisions for Brennan and that it will greatly benefit him in the future. We appreciate continued prayers from everyone.